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Sharing in case anyone has ancestors from this parish

Was on a facebook post today.

Sonja wrote:
"Just wanted to mention something I have been working on for some time. I have ancestors from a Catholic parish in Silesia in the Kreis of Gross Strehlitz. The little town was Nogowschuetz and belonged to Jarischau parish. At the end of WWII the Russians came and burned the records and killed the current priest and 2 of the nuns. They are buried in the churchyard. I wanted so much to have access to the records, but there was no way I could go any further back because of this event. As I was searching in other parishes that were in the vicinity, I noticed that many people of the 4 villages that were in Jarischau parish served as witnesses or were married or died in these neighboring villages. I started to record these people and their information onto an Excel document. I have a lot of names and connections 5-6 thousand entries of events that involved these parishioners. I also now have a friend in Germany that has started helping me input the material that I have found while in Poland in the Opole archives. I have a lot left to go, but the work is continuing. If anyone is searching for info from this parish, please check to see if your family names are listed on my blog entry."
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